Michigan CPL Class w/ Rick Ector (As seen on the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “Fox & Friends”)

04/02/2023: Michigan CPL Class w/ Rick Ector (As seen on the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “Fox & Friends”)

Class Date/Time

Date - 04/02/2023

9:00 am - 6:30 pm


Firearm Legal Protection
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Michigan Concealed Pistol License Class from Instructor Rick Ector – As seen on TV!

As Seen on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “Fox & Friends”

Only $159.99!

This class is taught by NRA Approved Firearms Trainers and the legal portion of the class is taught by a qualified and vetted legal authority in the fields of record expungement, lethal force, and self defense.


Rick Ector is the Chief Firearm Instructor and has been featured in the following media: Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox & Friends, the New York Times, Associated Press, NRAnews, the Guardian, National Public Radio (NPR), Guns Digest, Tactical-Life, the Truth About Guns, the Politics Daily, Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Detroit MetroTimes, “Let It Rip (Fox2),” “Let It Rip Weekend (Fox2),” USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal.

Ector was featured in a 2021 NRA promotional video entitled “Meet Rick Ector, The Left’s Worst Nightmare.”


Ector has the following NRA Certifications: Training Counselor, Chief Range Safety Officer, Home Firearm Safety, Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Personal Protection I, Personal Protection II, Shotgun Shell Reloading, and Metallic Cartridge Case Reloading.


If after taking our class you are not satisfied with the training that you received, immediately let us know by the end of the class and your tuition will be refunded! You will then be able to find another firearm trainer to better satisfy your educational and training expectation.

No other firearm training service is confident enough to make this guarantee!!!! We know that you will be pleased with our training services and refer your family and friends to us!


“Rick is a highly skilled Firearms Instructor that is passionate about his work. He cares deeply about others having the ability to protect themselves and about his community. I have known Rick for several years, and would highly recommend anyone in the Detroit area to attend his classes. He is a strong supporter and advocate for our Rights and we could use many more like him.” – Nick Laurino, Indianapolis, IN


“I have taken CPL classes in a few places, I found Rick and his academy to be the most informational and hands on. The knowledge and the people that the surrounds himself with are top notch. He is always available for questions and guidance. #1 on referral list for this category!” – Adam Taggett, Detroit, MI


“As a former student of Rick’s I can honestly say that he is one of the best firearms instructors in this industry. He is safe and professional with all of his courses, and is always reachable for consultation. I would highly recommend Rick for anyone seeking knowledge about firearm safety and personal protection.” – Hubert Joyce, Detroit, MI


“Thorough, effective and affordable. After taking this vs
Class with Rick, I not only felt more comfortable carrying my weapon, I understood the rules governing it’s use better. The gun range portion was competitive, but comforting also. Rick is very knowledgeable and an awesome instructor. If you want a CPL, call Rick and attend the class today!” – Terrence T. Lane, Detroit, MI


“Rick is one of a handful of NRA instructors that truly gets what having a CPL is about and why the training is so important. That the merging of an unarmed civilian with someone who has decided to help protect themselves and by extension others takes deliberate actions and training. He understands the logic/reasons behind the science of instruction and can communicate with anyone who joins his class. His teaching style is fluid and well thought out, there is no fluff, no corner cutting, no “well that was close enough” instruction. He is an asset to the community and the best recommendation I can give is that I continue to strongly suggest that my family and friends take his courses.” – James Hudgens, Flint, MI


“Rick is a fountain of knowledge and he is passionate about educating his students. Rick invites you to a comfortable atmosphere where you feel confident and empowered. When you leave his class know that you have been trained by the BEST!” – Linda Bishop, Detroit, MI


“I have had the pleasure of learning about gun safety from Rick. Rick has a wealth of knowledge about fire arms, gun laws and safety. His curriculum for both aspiring and current fire arm owners, ensures they are equipped with knowledge to be safe and responsible gun owners. Rick also hosts a free training day once a year for women. The participants for this event has almost tripled over the past couple of years. Thanks to Rick and his team, more women are learning more about fire arms, being comfortable with fire arms and becoming fire arm owners. Rick is very profession and his classes are interesting and very engaging.” – Lynisha Oliver, Detroit, MI


“Rick is an expert in every sense of the word. When I’ve had any questions concerning firearms I was given clear and concise answers. I was always responded to in a timely fashion. Rick has an extensive wealth of knowledge. If you need any training or any information concerning firearms then Rick is the go to guy!” – Marquis Hamilton, Detroit, MI


“Rick is an excellent speaker and teacher. Rick is well known in the gun community. If there is something 2nd amendment related going on in Michigan you’ll see Rick there. If you are taking a class from Rick or having him speak at your event, you will not be disappointed.” – Jim Ryan, Dearborn, MI


“Yes, I loved every minute of his class, my Sister and I took his class together and we agreed it was very informational. By the time the class ended my Sister and I felt we were armed with the knowledge we needed to carry responsibly. Any one who ask me about a cpl class, I give them Rick Ector’s name and number, I don’t even have to think about it because he’s awesome instructor, great speaker, passionate about what he teaches, all around great guy. Thank you again Rick Ector” – Tracey Fann, Detroit, MI


What to Expect In Our
Michigan CPL Class w/ Rick Ector (As seen on the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “Fox & Friends”)

Michigan CPL Class w/ Rick Ector (As seen on the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “Fox & Friends”)

Michigan CPL Class w/ Rick Ector (As seen on the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “Fox & Friends”) on 04/02/2023

9:00 am - 6:30 pm


Class Cost: $150

Registration Deposit: $30

Balance due on day of class: $120


Bookings are closed for this event.

This is the NRA’s Personal Protection in the Home course that satisfies the training requirement to apply for your Michigan Concealed Pistol License.

Class is being taught by Rick Ector. His CPL training, along with two of his students who used lethal force, was featured on two episodes of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight TV Show!

Show Segment 1 – Tucker Carlson Show

Show Segment 2 – Tucker Carlson Show

  • Learn Michigan Laws from Expert Attorney
  • We keep classes small (15 max)
  • Learn about guns in an entertaining way
  • Defensive Shooting
  • Handgun Skills
  • Legal Topics
  • Home Safety / Violent Encounters
  • Handgun Selection
  • Sports Shooting Opportunities

The topics that will be addressed in our one-day CPL Training Class are listed as the following:

  1. Defensive Shooting (50 minutes)
    • Three Primary Gun Safety Rules
    • Ethical Responsibility
    • Proper Mindset Conditioning
    • States of Mental Awareness
    • Intruder/Assailant Confrontations
    • Intent of Shooting/Stopping Threats
    • Realities of Shooting Encounters
  2. Handgun Skills (180 minutes)
    • Range Safety Briefing
    • Rules for Using and Storing a Handgun
    • General Range Safety Rules
    • Defensive Accuracy
    • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
    • Elements of Good Shooting Positions
    • Two-Handed Standing Shooting Positions
    • Sight Alignment and Flash Sight Picture
    • Cover versus Concealment
    • The Tueller Drill
    • Thirty (30) Round Target Qualification
  3. Legal Topics (60+ minutes)
    • CCW Application Process
    • CCW Disqualifying Factors
    • Record Expungement
    • Pistol Free Zones
    • Deadly Force & The Law (Case Studies)
    • Castle Doctrine & the Duty to Retreat
    • Michigan’s New “Stand Your Ground” Laws
    • Self Defense vs. Fighting
    • Police Stop Encounters
    • Gun Sales & Transfer of Ownership
    • Posession and Transportation of Handguns
    • Safety Inspection/Gun Registration
    • Shooting Aftermath/Statements to Police
  4. Home Safety/Violent Encounters (60 minutes)
    • Personal and Home Safety Tips
    • Emergency Plan for Break-in Response
    • Police Arrival Considerations
    • Emotional and Legal Aftermath Issues
    • Safe Storage of a Handgun
  5. Handgun Selection (30 minutes)
    • Handgun Feature Considerations
    • Revolver vs. Semi-automatic Handgun
    • Handgun Ammunition Considerations
    • Handgun Purchasing Considerations
    • Handgun/Personal Protection Accessories
  6. Sports Shooting Opportunities (20 minutes)
    • Shooting Activities
    • Additional Training Option